Good isn’t good enough: excellence continues with The Clarke Group

By: Cheryl Clarke

The launch of The Clarke Group marks a new chapter in my career of service to the nonprofit community. I'm excited about this change. Let me tell you about it.

But first a confession.

I'm a recovering lawyer.

For about six years, I practiced real estate and transactional law - initially in a large firm and then in a small one. While a young associate, I joined the board of directors of a nonprofit organization that brought arts education to schools throughout the Bay Area. Eventually, I became chair of that agency's board of directors. What I soon discovered is that I loved my volunteer service in the nonprofit field much more than my day job as a lawyer. That lightbulb moment sparked a change. I transitioned out of law and into the nonprofit sector, specifically to fundraising.

I became the development director at my law school. Over the past 25+ years, I have been a student - and a teacher - in the fundraising profession, both as a staff member and as a consultant.  This is a field and a career that I unabashedly love. I honestly can say that I have found my true "calling." That's because successful fundraising combines both analytical rigor and creative expression. A skilled practitioner needs to be an excellent communicator, a strategic thinker and a fearless risk-taker. A good sense of humor also helps. What I do fits me like a check slipping into a remit envelope!

So what's changing?

The Clarke Group was created to recognize the team of amazing fundraising professionals I work with to best serve our nonprofit clients. We are all dedicated to providing nonprofit organizations - whether small, grassroots agencies, large, well-established institutions or something in-between - with superb fundraising services. This is something that hasn't changed since the founding of my consulting practice. Good isn't good enough. Excellence is. A legacy of excellence continues with The Clarke Group.

I invite you to explore our new website, meet the team and see what we do!